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Medi Alert

Medi Alert provides customers
with real-time notifications
in the event of a medical emergency.

1 Medical Alert Pendant

1 Control Unit


$135.98 VAT incl. per month

This packages includes: 1 Control Panel, 1 Medical Alert Pendant, Calls made to 4 Loved Ones in the Event of a Medical Emergency

Frequently Asked Questions

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Security Package: Vigilance Medi-Alert
Security Packages: Vigilance Monitor U & Monitor U Plus
  • 1. Will Bmobile Security monitor all customer owned alarm systems brands?

    No at this time Bmobile Security will only be monitoring and responding to wired DSC Panel system owners that have a working TSTT Landline.

  • 2. Are there a specific system age requirements?

    No there are no age requirement but customers must have TSTT fixed line service to qualify for the service. Customers are required to ensure their landline account is current and all bills payments up to date

  • 3. Why is a TSTT fixed line service required?

    Your system will require a landline phone connection to communicate with TSTT Alarm Monitoring Center if/when the alarm is triggered. The additional components can be wireless e.g. door and window sensors.

    The central panel would require a landline for connectivity. If the existing alarm system is not connected to the phone line, the customer must inform our sales representative when requesting the service.

  • 4. What are the benefits of Monitor U?

    Yes! The service starts from $99 per month and allows a previously none monitored home to be fully monitored by TSTT Alarm Center. Monitor U will also work in the case of a power outage because of its dependency on traditional telephony.

  • 5. What are the customer requirements for Monitor U?

    Customer must provide the following

    • A DSC wired alarm system.
    • A working 2 way TSTT Landline. Bill must be current.
    • Zone listing codes for different area of home, outlining name and location
    • Hard or soft copy of alarm system manual
    • Installation codes so our technicians can program system and integrate with alarm center.
    • This information is critical to a successful integration with TSTT Alarm Center and the effective and efficient performance of the service.
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